Attractions around Iłowa

The strength of countryside

Around the town of Iłowa you will find some very interesting monuments of technology and architecture of western Poland.  In the village of Jankowa Żagańska, it is not impossible not to notice the unique water tower built in the expressionist style. Its dynamic silhouette, made of red brick, picturesquely matches the surrounding nature. It is the only structure in Poland designed by the German architect Otto Bartning, co-founder of the Bauhaus.

Old railway junction

Jankowa Żagańska is also an unmissable stop for enthusiasts of monuments of technology. Here, the oldest railway junction in the Lubuskie Voivodeship was built in 1846 by the Jankowa Żagańska – Żagań – Głogów railway and the historical Berlin – Żary – Węgliniec – Legnica – Wrocław railway.

Historic church

In the historic Saint Bartholomew Church in the village of Konin Żagański, you should pay attention to the gravestone of the village owners, Christoph and Helena von Schollendorf (around 1600), and the Renaissance tombstone of Heinrich von Schollendorf. Another real asset of the temple is the bell, dating back to 1586, and decorated with a beautiful Renaissance ornament and a picture of the Mother of God.