The Lower Silesian Wilderness

A paradise for enthusiasts of nature

Near Iłowa, there is a real treasure of nature. The Lower Silesian Wilderness (Bory Dolnośląskie) is the largest continuous forest complex in Poland. The forest area is enriched by diverse land forms, such as mid-forest ponds, peat lands, marshes and inland dunes. Here, you will find rare protected plants, for example, the February Daphne, ostrich fern, blue club moss, English sundew and the common spotted orchid. To the south of Iłowa, in the vicinity of Węgliniec, there are the last Polish lowland sites of the peat-bog pine, which is a relic of the post-glacial period. The region is perfect for spending your holidays in western Poland, especially for nature and history lovers.

Paradise for wild animals

The Lower Silesian Wilderness is inhabited by about 30 wolves living in the poorly accessible parts of the forest. The wilderness is the most important refuge of the white-tailed eagle, black grouse and the capercaillie in western Poland. Moreover, such rare bird species as the eagle-owl, black stork and the hoopoe have their habitat here. The mid-forest wetlands, in turn, constitute a refuge for the common crane, common snipe and Savi’s warbler. A bit of luck, persistence and patience will guarantee you exceptional photos!

Explore the hidden treasures in the Lower Silesian Wilderness

The Lower Silesian Wilderness is a perfect place for active tourism. Explore the forest by bike, horse or canoe to find its hidden treasures. In the wooded area you can find a lot of ruins of German bunkers form the II World War. There are even nuclear bunkers built by Soviets after 1945. According to some historians, the Soviet bunker located near the town of Szprotawa, was one of the most modern at its peak. The bunker was supposed to enable army officers commanding even in case of nuclear fallout falling from the sky. Take this unique opportunity to see these places with your own eyes.

Delicacies from the forest

The woods are a real mushroom picking mecca. If you are familiar with mushrooms and enjoy this form of recreation, choose a nice weekend in late summer or autumn and go picking. And in summer you can pick lots of raspberry, blueberry or blackberry. The heather, which grows in the Lower Silesian Forest, gave it’s name the the Lower Silesian Forest heather honey – written on the list of traditional products (pl) from the polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Mushroom picking

Horse riding and canoeing

The horse riding trail von Bogumiłów (west from Żary) – Kliczków brings you to the the little village of Borowe (near the country lodge “Arizma pod Dębem“). Near the Klików Reservoir, guesthouse Green Park in the village of Czyżówek is located. Take a canoe tour on the Czerna Mała river from Iłowa to the Czerna Wielka river (1 hour). You will see the palace and the palace garden on this short but interesting tour.

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Photo by Darren | Title: “Kodiak” | License: CC-BY 2.0