Manor park

A masterpiece of garden art

The manor park is not only a masterpiece of garden art, but the romantic scenery is also a perfect background for photography sessions. At the start of the 20th century, Frederic von Hochberg zu Fürstenstein, ho was the owner of the park and the palace in 1902-1921, decided to enlarge and remodel the park along with the latest Art Nouveau fashion in landscape design. In the old part of the park, there are the English and the French gardens.

Garden art

A master piece of garden art in Iłowa

The first Japanese garden in Europe

The Japanese garden, with a tea house, lanterns made of stone and small bridges, is of a particular value – it was the first Japanese garden in Europe! It was established at the beginning of the 20th century on the initiative of Count Friedrich von Hochberg zu Fürstenstein, an enthusiast of garden art and an expert on Oriental art. He was a passionate traveler and served as Germany’s ambassador to Japan. The layout of the paths and canals, and the artificial lake and islands have been preserved until the present day.

The Japanese garden in Iłowa is one of approximately 7 Japanese gardens open to the public in Poland. The most famous of these is located in the Szczytnicki park in Wrocław. It is one of the few traces that are left after the world exhibition organised in 1913. Also this garden this garden was designed and created by Count Frederic (Fritz) von Hochberg.

Chinese garden

In the Chinese garden you will find the Moon Gates – two brick walls with oval and circular openings. Having passed through them, you will reach the Bridge of Love, with a Chinese pagoda.

Chinese garden

The Chines garden with moon gates

Colourful flowers

The gardens in Iłowa are in blossom from early spring. If you come here in May, you will experience a real feast for your senses in the impressive rhododendron grove, planted on both banks of the river Czerna flowing through the estate. The magnificent shrubs with colourful flowers in various shades of red, purple, yellow and pink will charm everyone. In the park, you will also see numerous interesting fountains. It is worth paying attention to the oak and horn beam path, several magnificent lindens, maples, alders and yews, and the rose garden.

Main entrance to the park: Pałacowa Street

Admire the manor park in Iłowa in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.




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