Tourist attractions in Iłowa

A town of gardens

Fascinating nature, with history in the background
The development of gardening in the 17th century and the establishment of the park in the 20th century determined the character of the town of Iłowa. The local gardens, especially the Chinese and Japanese ones, have set a new direction in urban space planning. The town itself and its surroundings also delight tourists with interesting architecture – reminders of the German past. Come here, and you will feel the power of the magnetism of Iłowa. Please have a look at beautiful pictures of our town.

Places that will surprise you

Touching our senses
A walk in the charming palace park in Iłowa with its unique flora and architecture will awake your appetite for more. When coming to Iłowa, it is also worth visiting the many attractive places situated near our town. You will be surprised by Iłowa and its vicinity more than once!

Places to stay and eat

If you visit Iłowa, you will easily find accommodation representing various standards, and interesting restaurants.